Happy International Yoga Day!

It is international Yoga day! Pick up your pets and celebrate it to the fullest! 🙂 And to celebrate it – I am sharing a piece from my Yoga with pets cards book 🙂
Challenge your pets to reach your toes while lifting it as high as possible. Try to stay in balance –
otherwise it will make it much easier for them to accomplish. Imagine you are magnificent dancer. Or that you are on Survivor challenge just in a last fight before the million dollars.
Physical benefits:
– Improves sense of balance
– Stretches the backs of the legs
– Strengthens the legs and ankles
– Improves metabolism
– Helps in weight loss
Intuitive message:
Do something you wanted to do already a long time. Go dancing, take a walk in a forest, write a poem, feed your pets (they are sure it was on your list of wanting to do things, right?). Everything falls in the right place, when you let yourself enjoy a moment.

PookieCat Rune cards Kickstarter live!

https://yplocal.us/v0f0806ldm1 HUGE drum roll and red ribbon cutting!
I thought it would be best moms day present for me LOL
PookieCat runes Kickstarter is finally live and you can choose your pledge here. I made sure to add lots of different possibilities and lots of wonderful Stretch goals! Wish us luck! 🙂 Please take a moment to support us if possible and share if you can! Every pledge matters! xoxoxox


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PookieCat Rune cards release

And a very good news 🙂 while I am preparing to arrange final order for the Catrot (tarot decks) for the Kickstarter pledges on Monday, I am also ready and preparing for my next Kickstarter – PookieCat Rune cards and runes, which will start running hopefully in a close week or two.
I wanted to make them special – so they are nice and round, and so comfortable to use. You will have two choices – set or Rune cards + rune stones (white agate) or just Rune cards.

PookieCat Tarot (CAT-rot) cards Kickstarter is live!

see url Dear all, my fingers, toes (and probably my ears are crossed)


click My Kickstarter project is finally open!!
Please take a moment of your time and support if you can 🙂

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PookieCat plush to every home!

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https://annmorrislighting.com/xxtwflh Dear all…HUGE DRUM ROLL, red ribbon cutting and the rest. How wonderful that we were allowed to start our Kickstarter exactly at their 5 years birthday today. I feel thankful  and very nervous in the same time. But here it is….We changed a video a bit to add all fun things  to make it more interesting….. We will be happy if you will share it as well! Lets bring PookieCat plush alive! We know you would love one too 🙂 right? Please share it so we can spread the word around!


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Cross-stitch and Pookie

https://emduk.org/15v9oh29ccv How wonderful one of the Pookie fans designed the Cross-stitch kits from RTO on finished products. We love how it looks!

https://thegreathighway.com/p5i37c7i180 276868-f17fe-63669010-m750x740-u4286c

Poookie snowflake

here Снежинка из Пуки:)))

https://discovershareinspire.com/2024/05/dm9nihexvsc Submitted by Antol

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Кошка Матильда!

follow С приветом и дружественным мявом))))

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