New release We are proud to release our new promotional video for the Pookie Black and White series.

Now you can see all our promotional videos in the “Video” Section on the website.

New releases

Buy Roche Diazepam Online In a preparation for several new projects (Russia) Coming out 2013!

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Sweet moments in Life Do you like Candy? Or chocolate? Or anything sweet? Life should be sweet, isnt it? Even if you dont really eat all those things you still enjoy having them around.


New release – Chinese Zodiac

We are happy to announce a new release – Chinese Zodiac. Series are currently open for licensing requests. Please contact us at [email protected]

chinese zodiac

Zodiac series While we are in negotiation with several worldwide agencies about deals on the Pookie™ Zodiac series, we are happy to present you a part of them. Smile! 436482_original

Friends Friends are important and necessary. They are the little change in a boring day. A little laughter through the sadness and a BIG surprise when you dont expect it. frogparadisewatermark

New releases at RTO Ltd (Moscow)

Four new cross-stitch sets were released in RTO Ltd (Moscow). Now you can suprirse your mom or dad with a wonderful present for mothers or fathers day. There are are also a spring related Pookie and a Captain Pookie! Check them all in our Licensing part of the site. 46036431411694603643141176

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