How it all started

It is amazing how something, that started as a joke, can grow up to such proportions.

And because we receive very much emails with questions, how it all started, here is the story…

Aproximately 3 years ago, in the most difficult period of our life, I painted a funny painting with three cats. The painting called “Mayday Mayday” and it was about every day fight of cats and a flies. For my surprise the cats turned out to be very different – they didn’t had nose, mouth and feet. Only big eyes. I still remember, granny used to tell me that eyes – never lie. We can laugh but the eyes can tell something completely diferent…it’s why the most true emotions – are always there. I still wonder if it was the reason that I, picked up this exact cat image.


After the first picture was out it was a huge success. People started to ask for more.

And they were coming easily. Many of them are very popular right now. Than different characters started to appear – hedgehogs, puppy and owl…thanks to them I went trough the most difficult part of my life smiling. I guess they helped me to go through each day.

At this time funny orange cat still didn’t had a name and a collection was going out as a “Cats with attitude”.

It’s when the Cat-a-strophe was born…


Evolution… dont you think they looks similar to each other? 🙂


Mad CAT-alist… all the cats are secretly dreaming about world domination.


My view on the saying “Raining cats and dogs”

Raining Cats and Dogs

And many others…

Than end October 2012, a company in Moscow, RTO, organised a special competition – NAME THE CAT. Hundreds of people from all around the world participated in the competition, and than we picked up the most fitting name for our funny, orange cat with an attitude.

It’s how POOKIE was born 🙂

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