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source site Wohoo guys! Great news. New products are coming in soon (including travel neck pillow, bumper stickers and more) but for now I can already offer for Pre-order those gorgeous Vinyl stickers. Just something to show – you care. There will be only 10 available, so if you fast – you still can get yours.

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China Animation & Games Copyrights Trading Conference – PookieCat and friends Glad to receive photos and video from the conference. It is always funny to see yourself from the side. You think – MY GOD I sounds (looks… fill in the blanks LOL) strange. Sadly had to read from the paper, as much as I don’t like it, because they were scrolling Chinese translation, which was prepared upfront, on the screen behind me.

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go here It was slightly stressful, because I couldn’t see what was shown behind me, and I had no idea who in the public could understand anything I was saying 🙂 And, I think, I was more worried about tumbling down the stairs, and ending up in one of the Chinese “Youtube” funny videos 🙂

source link All in all I am happy. I got several interesting connections and recently negotiating several deals – so it was not so bad after all, huh? 🙂 Next time – definitely better!

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Wishes, that come true… zaKag2nBZvo

follow Would you like to be able to get all your secret wishes? Would you like to fix the bad weather, get loads of presents and simply erase the bad experiences? It is possible! Together with a PookieCat you will start your wonderful journey of ALL wishes coming true for a whole year. If you didnt had a chance to buy your copy of the book – do it now! 🙂

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