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https://modaypadel.com/vxjfqrk5 Pookie Cat brand, featuring orange funny cat with character , has thousands fans around the world, with a new fans signing up every second.


Etienne van Bruggen, the brand’s chief marketing officer  has huge ambitions for the brand. “The overall plan is to build Pookie Cat into one of the world’s largest beloved Brands,” he said.

https://therepairstore.ca/8473acph Based in the Europe, Pookie Cat Brand started as funny image and grew up with astronomic proportions in a two year time. Pookie Cat collected lots of fans of all ages, man and women, who are attracted to the humorous character and point of view on life of Pookie. Motto of Pookie is “Laugh at Life”. The site of Pookies-World  is updated daily with new content to keep it fresh.


The transition into the offline world has been hugely successful, helping Pookie Cat to gain many licensees around the World. There postcards, Pookie Calendars, books, mugs, t-shirts and cross-stitch sets. This year brand expects adding of a new licensing projects – such as plush toys, stationary and much more.


http://www.wowogallery.com/rzgjzob95e Pookie Cat brand takes an energetic approach to marketing the brand, with every aspect of each campaign monitored in detail.

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The next step in “Pookie on the top of the World”  is to launch the Pookie line in Asian market –Mr Van Bruggen said.

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