Cat-rot cards Kickstarter very soon!

Yep guys, very very soon. Because demand is getting bigger, and I am not keeping up with small separate orders.


New FREE interactive App for your Ipad!

Great news!
PookieCat wonderful interactive book (including puzzles and coloring pages and much more) are now free for download! How exciting is that! Please don’t forget to let us know how you liked it!

You can get yours here:

Congratulations USA!

Because its how the life should be….



Happy birthday for all the Aquarius kids over there!



Did you had a chance to order your special Cat-rot cards for very happy people?  NO? Than you should really do it – dont forget to read wonderful feedback about this deck as well!


Interactive IPad book/game is in Apple Itunes store

Okay guys… DRUMROLL. Very excited and nervous in the same time. Please take a second and read this post. This is a big time project which is finally alive and also available on the Apple market. We made it! Several month of hard work went to it, including animation and programming by wonderful studio 200cm3, me – creating layered illustrations, Etienne – combining and making wonderful audio tracks and sound effects and Melody making the voice behind the book

It is a super cool app. It is not only an interactive book with loads of moving parts, sound effects and audio for those who just want to relax and let the book read itself, but also games (including coloring pages, music instruments, etc…) I tried to fill it with colors and humor and so much more. So if you want to brighten your day, to be addicted to the funny surprises on each page (we had people in Shenzhen standing by our table for hours LOL) you have to get it right now

Here is a short Promo video for our book/game:

Here is the link to the App store, please take your moment and get this one – you have no idea how important this step for us and how happy we will be to see that it is going well:

So, do you want to know how to adopt your human?

Keep calm and adopt a cat

Wohoo guys! Great news. New products are coming in soon (including travel neck pillow, bumper stickers and more) but for now I can already offer for Pre-order those gorgeous Vinyl stickers. Just something to show – you care. There will be only 10 available, so if you fast – you still can get yours.



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