We made it!

Buy Alprazolam 0.5 Mg Dear fans and supporters of PookieCat kickstarter campaign.

Did I told you already how amazing you all are? Thank you from the bottom of my heart of making this project possible. Now lets celebrate all together because sky is a limit at the moment 🙂

China Animation & Games Copyrights Trading Conference – PookieCat and friends

Glad to receive photos and video from the conference. It is always funny to see yourself from the side. You think – MY GOD I sounds (looks… fill in the blanks LOL) strange. Sadly had to read from the paper, as much as I don’t like it, because they were scrolling Chinese translation, which was prepared upfront, on the screen behind me.

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It was slightly stressful, because I couldn’t see what was shown behind me, and I had no idea who in the public could understand anything I was saying 🙂 And, I think, I was more worried about tumbling down the stairs, and ending up in one of the Chinese “Youtube” funny videos 🙂


http://www.wowogallery.com/b2v1j1b65tw All in all I am happy. I got several interesting connections and recently negotiating several deals – so it was not so bad after all, huh? 🙂 Next time – definitely better!



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Giving speech at China Animation & Games Copyrights Trading Conference

https://serenityspaonline.com/n2jm0rz8 Very excited! Just got a call from Shenzhen that I will be giving a speech about our brand at 2014 China Animation & Games Copyrights Trading Conference. Now I need to prepare speech draft to send to our Licensing fair host/translator before this weekend. Loads of publishers, manufacturers, brands company, investment companies and so on will be there.



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Animal help in Belarus

Order Xanax Legally Online I will start from the heartwarming news. As some of you know, Pookie Cat working as an ambassador for the special needs cats, but besides it he is always happy to help animals in need, especially those that lost their home, never had one and searching for forever home ….so here it is, street boards with PookieCat in Belarus, where we trying to help out wonderful organisation – http://animalhelp.by/ . . Here is another link where you can find them as well: http://vk.com/animalhelpby


http://www.wowogallery.com/8x0fz7m2 Очень хочется начать сегодня с самых теплых новостей. Многие из вас знают что PookieCat является амбасадором для “особенных кошек”, но, кроме этого, он всегда рад помочь собакам и кошкам, которые потеряли свой дом, остались без дома или те, у кого его никода еще не было…. так что вот…. уличные рекламные плакаты в Беларусии, где мы хотим помочь замечательной организации http://animalhelp.by/ . . Вот тут можно посмостреть еще одну ссылку, а вдруг там вы найдете своего друга? http://vk.com/animalhelpby



https://mmopage.com/news/toe69zup gJ-5ErNK-DM


PookieCat plush to every home!


Buy Quality Valium Dear all…HUGE DRUM ROLL, red ribbon cutting and the rest. How wonderful that we were allowed to start our Kickstarter exactly at their 5 years birthday today. I feel thankful  and very nervous in the same time. But here it is….We changed a video a bit to add all fun things  to make it more interesting….. We will be happy if you will share it as well! Lets bring PookieCat plush alive! We know you would love one too 🙂 right? Please share it so we can spread the word around!

Buy Carisoprodol Overnight Delivery  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pookiecat/a-pookiecat-plush-for-every-home?ref=search

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