First book in series

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Buy Xanax Locally First book in series of 3 featuring PookieCat – “Yoga with Cats” is coming out in February this year. This is even double exciting, because it is finally book in English! Two more books will be following – “Yoga with Dogs” and “Yoga outdoors”. I will be also arriving at Frankfurt book fair this year, so I hope for more inspiration!


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WRITE YOUR LIFE AS YOU WANT IT… Some time ago, when my life was more a reminder of a painful mess – I started a little sketchbook, which was called “Magic transformation’. Each page was concentrated about simple magic you could bring to your life – and make things change in the way you want them to be.

source link For example – you was missing a good luck in your life? Just write a “good luck” on a small piece of paper –  and put it in your pocket. Now luck is in your pocket

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go Things are out of control? Take your keyboard, put it on a piece of paper. Write “everything” under Ctrl key. You see? Now “everything is in control” 

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Buy Diazepam 10 Mg Online Those tiny things seems to be silly, and funny, but amazingly enough all of them are really worked. Even my new biography that I wrote back than – practically came through (besides the castle and unicorns, of course haha), practically to the last point. Everything from this tiny sketchbook worked so well – it got published several years later and was a huge bestseller 

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So now, I think I am ready to write my new biography 

 I think it is time to make it happen again, right? 

Would you like to join me and bring some extra magic to your life?

Than take a new piece of paper and start – make it as colorful and amazing as possible! Because it is definitely going to work.

In a close couple of weeks I will be starting my group for “Magic transformation” sketchbook.

Seminar will include weekly “magic sketches” that should help you to transform your life and bring your career to a new level. Tips and tricks “of the trade” will be included as well.

Would you like to join me? Than go ahead send me your request to [email protected] to add you to this group. Places are limited – so hurry up!

Happy New Year 2019!

New release!

Dear fans and supporters!

First of all thank you for being amazing, and making Cat-chy Oracle deck possible!
Your decks are just arrived today, and being prepared for shipping next week – which means we are two and a half month before the promised shipping dates! (AGAIN  )

Now to a very happy news – my new “Big things in small packages” full Tarot deck is going live on Kickstarter next Tuesday – 26 of June!
There are lots of exciting pledges (including full sets of all of my published cards) – so please take a moment, and maybe you will find something you like!


Happy Passover!

And not to forget, of course!

Happy Valentine!

Year of the Dog is coming closer!

Next year is a year of the Earth Dog  (hopefully my year, as I am a dog too ) It seems my book “100 questions about dogs” is selling pretty good, and publisher had to reprint it again  Here is an example of English translation, and actual book.




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