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PookieCat knows, all cats are special. All cats needs to be LOVED. Because how can you be without one? 

Who will wake you up in the morning with a soft purr? Who will sit cozy with you on a couch in the evening while you watch TV?

Who will be near you, when you feeling sad, but also when you feeling wonderful?

Of course there are so many cats that waiting for their homes in the shelters, but PookieCat think that  SPECIAL NEED cats are very important. Those are cats who are older, have a behavior problems, or need special medical treatment. Why they are so important? Because mostly they are being overlooked and left behind and sometimes needs to wait a very long period till they are getting adopted. Because love, that you will receive in return from them, is incredible. Because they are so thankful for your LOVE and attention, that no other cat can give. So please, take a minute of your time, and look at the wonderful cats who are waiting for the warm home. Every two weeks we will be featuring new ones, so please dont forget to come back and check this page again.

Please share it, on your blog, or on your favorite forum, or on your Facebook. Pookie also has a Facebook account where he will be writing about them. So dont forget to Like us and repost. The more we will share – the  more they will have a possibility to have a great home.

If you are Animal shelter and you have cats that are fitting this group that you would like to get adopted, please contact us at info@pookies-world.com with “PookieCat campaign” in the topic.

We will be so happy to help!


Mini books are availiable for preorder!

Happy to share that our 4 Mini books are availiable for preorder. Books are being published in St.Petersburg by Litera Publishing.

Hurry up and reserve your copies!



4 new present books

This month Litera Publishing (St.Petersburg) brining 4 books out with PookieCat!


Quotes for the day from Pookie

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Love 1

We are back :)

We are back from Shanghai. It was a great and very sucessful experience, so there will be a separate blog with detailed stories coming in a close couple of days!


Plush PookieCat

And great new samples from Guocheng Corp in China. They look great and we hope they will spread “Orange Laughter” through the globe.


Go Bulkin, go!

Wonderful company based in China Pets Inn, who signed a Licensing contract with us beginning of April, just announced line with products for dogs with Pookie’s friend – Bulkin! We are very excited about this. Arent they look adorable?

4 in 1_2

4 in 1_1


We love Spring!



PookieCat® spotted in Pensa (Russia)

Masteriza (Moskovskaya str)



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