Happy New Year 2019!

New release!

Dear fans and supporters!

First of all thank you for being amazing, and making Cat-chy Oracle deck possible!
Your decks are just arrived today, and being prepared for shipping next week – which means we are two and a half month before the promised shipping dates! (AGAIN  )

Now to a very happy news – my new “Big things in small packages” full Tarot deck is going live on Kickstarter next Tuesday – 26 of June!
There are lots of exciting pledges (including full sets of all of my published cards) – so please take a moment, and maybe you will find something you like!



Happy Passover!

And not to forget, of course!

Happy Valentine!

Year of the Dog is coming closer!

Next year is a year of the Earth Dog  (hopefully my year, as I am a dog too ) It seems my book “100 questions about dogs” is selling pretty good, and publisher had to reprint it again  Here is an example of English translation, and actual book.



Happy International Yoga Day!

It is international Yoga day! Pick up your pets and celebrate it to the fullest! 🙂 And to celebrate it – I am sharing a piece from my Yoga with pets cards book 🙂
Challenge your pets to reach your toes while lifting it as high as possible. Try to stay in balance –
otherwise it will make it much easier for them to accomplish. Imagine you are magnificent dancer. Or that you are on Survivor challenge just in a last fight before the million dollars.
Physical benefits:
– Improves sense of balance
– Stretches the backs of the legs
– Strengthens the legs and ankles
– Improves metabolism
– Helps in weight loss
Intuitive message:
Do something you wanted to do already a long time. Go dancing, take a walk in a forest, write a poem, feed your pets (they are sure it was on your list of wanting to do things, right?). Everything falls in the right place, when you let yourself enjoy a moment.

Help me to test a new project!

Wohoo my new project is finally starting to take a shape. I also need your help PRETTY PLEASE!!!

So – here it is. First letter of alphabet which is not only fun, but also interactive. Please scan the QR code, and than press on the image, to hear different words 🙂 (we still need to an “artist” there, and sound of the letter itself).

For those who using Chrome on the Android: Have to copy and paste this link in the android chrome if there is no sound : chrome://flags/#disablegesture-requirement-for-media-playback

And for those who don”t use a smart phone, and cant use QR code – here is a link for you to try it out.


Please let me know if it is working okay!!!

Happy Mothers day!

Happy Mothers day for the all wonderful moms there! Also for the moms of the furry kids!  and may your day be full with magic which you so easy create every day


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