Parenting 101 tarot cards Kickstarter launching tomorrow

How very exciting! I will be launching this Kickstarter tomorrow (it is my third one) for ny new game deck – Parenting 101 tarot cards. Fingers crossed!
Now I need to hold myself not to click the button already LOL

3pm EST!


PookieCat Rune cards Kickstarter live!

HUGE drum roll and red ribbon cutting!
I thought it would be best moms day present for me LOL
PookieCat runes Kickstarter is finally live and you can choose your pledge here. I made sure to add lots of different possibilities and lots of wonderful Stretch goals! Wish us luck! 🙂 Please take a moment to support us if possible and share if you can! Every pledge matters! xoxoxox

PookieCat Rune cards release

And a very good news 🙂 while I am preparing to arrange final order for the Catrot (tarot decks) for the Kickstarter pledges on Monday, I am also ready and preparing for my next Kickstarter – PookieCat Rune cards and runes, which will start running hopefully in a close week or two.
I wanted to make them special – so they are nice and round, and so comfortable to use. You will have two choices – set or Rune cards + rune stones (white agate) or just Rune cards.

Happy 1 of April1 :)

And? How you are doing today? LOL


Happy Easter!


We made it!

Dear fans and supporters of PookieCat kickstarter campaign.

Did I told you already how amazing you all are? Thank you from the bottom of my heart of making this project possible. Now lets celebrate all together because sky is a limit at the moment 🙂

PookieCat Tarot (CAT-rot) cards Kickstarter is live!

Dear all, my fingers, toes (and probably my ears are crossed)

My Kickstarter project is finally open!!
Please take a moment of your time and support if you can 🙂


Cat-rot cards Kickstarter very soon!

Yep guys, very very soon. Because demand is getting bigger, and I am not keeping up with small separate orders.



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